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In a wall-mounted split air conditioner, the wall unit and outside condenser are mounted on either side of a wall, with hosing connecting the two. The positioning of the two components can be varied to suit the design of a specific room.

Wall-mounted split systems are among the most common of all air conditioner types in residential settings. They’re ideal for providing efficient cooling and minimizing operating noise, and provide users with a high degree of control over temperature settings.


Ceiling cassette units are ideal for cooling and heating residential and commercial spaces. The biggest advantage of this type of unit is aesthetics, as the bulk of the unit is unseen as it is above the ceiling.

The units can be ceiling-mounted, or even suspended, in narrow or confined spaces, where it wouldn’t be possible to install a split or ducted system.

Because the air in these units are distributed in four directions, a central mounted unit can deliver an increased cooling (or heating) capacity across a wide area – one ceiling cassette air conditioner could do the same job as three or four wall units.

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